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The North Texas Chapter of ISACA® takes pleasure in providing opportunities for its members and guests to advance their careers and knowledge through the many educational and networking events it hosts. The Chapter is operated by an entirely volunteer staff comprised of members that have enjoyed the programs and services in the past and have made the choice to give something back to the profession and our community. While there are many ways to volunteer and help the Chapter succeed, our Board and Coordinator positions require individuals who are committed and who seek to play a role in the advancement of our profession through their service to the Chapter.

Each year, in compliance with our Chapter's by-laws, the Nominating Committee holds open nominations for the Chapter's members to post nominations for the Board of Directors of the upcoming year. While most positions do not have specific experience requirements for an individual to be eligible, there is a requirement that a nominee be a member in good standing and that they have the skills, time and resources necessary to perform the duties of their nominated position. Presented below are brief descriptions for each of the positions on our Chapter's Board. The current Board members are available to assist interested parties with information about the positions.

Individuals interested in being nominated for a particular position, should send an e-mail to the President ( The e-mail should include their contact information, some background information about themselves (i.e., years in the chapter, certifications and positions held, etc.), their abilities, and what they feel is the best reason for them to serve on the Board. These e-mails will be used by the Nominating Committee as they meet to draft a Recommended Slate of Officers and Appointees. This Slate will be published when it is presented at the Chapter's April Meeting. The Slate is then voted on by the Chapter's members at the Chapter's Annual Meeting in May.

Become a leader in the IT governance profession!

Contact one of our Board Members to Volunteer today - see their email addresses below, or browse our Board page.

Board of Directors

The Chapter's Board of Directors are responsible for the daily operations of the chapter. Officer positions are elected by the membership, while Coordinator positions are appointed by the Board. Elections take place during the General Meeting of the membership, which is held annually during the May luncheon meeting. All terms are for one fiscal year (July through June). Directors may serve no more than two consecutive years in the same position.


Officer Positions
President This individual is responsible for the overall functioning of the Chapter. The position supervises the Chapter's operations and acts as the primary liaison with ISACA International, other ISACA chapters, and other local professional organizations. The President is usually appointed from existing Board members. Contact
Secretary Maintains the Chapter's records, minutes of Board meetings, and the Chapter By-Laws. The Secretary is responsible for the maintenance and retention of forms, documents, and correspondence. Contact
Treasurer Prepares and maintains the official books and accounting records for the Chapter and is responsible for filing tax forms and responding to audit requests. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining appropriate internal controls over the Chapter's financial assets. The Treasurer also supervises the activity of the Treasury Coordinator. Contact
VP of Programs Performs the annual Chapter survey and identifies areas of interest for future programs. Locates willing and competent speakers for the monthly Chapter meetings and prepares the meeting topic schedule. The VP of Programs makes the necessary arrangements for speakers attending the Chapter's luncheons. Also coordinates with the VP of Communications by providing accurate description of each speaker's topic and background information in order to update the Chapter website and to publicize each meeting. The VP of Programs supervises the activities of the Program Committee and the Programs Coordinators. Contact
VP of Education Promotes IT audit and control-related education to both Chapter Members and Board-approved institutions of higher learning. The VP of Education is responsible for coordinating the Chapter's semi-annual seminars and oversees the Certifications Coordinator and Director of Academic Relations. Contact
VP of Certification Responsible for obtaining instructors and making facility arrangements for the Chapter’s semi-annual certification review courses. Responsible for recognition programs for those successfully completing certification. The VP Certification also oversees the Certifications Coordinators and Director of Academic Relations. Contact
VP of Facilities Coordinates with the Chapter's venue to provide appropriate facilities and food arrangements for Chapter events. The VP of Facilities is also responsible for reviewing the meeting evaluations and oversees the Hospitality Coordinator. Contact
VP of Communications Notifies Chapter members and other organizations regarding upcoming Chapter events. Responds to website e-mail and reviews advertising materials prior to publishing and distribution. The VP of Communications will oversee the Chapter's involvement with sponsorship of third party events and the related advertising materials on the website. Contact
VP of Membership Interacts with ISACA International to maintain the Chapter database of current member information and initiates contact to welcome new members. The VP Membership works to promote membership retention, supervises the CPE Compliance Coordinator in maintaining the records of meeting attendance, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the TSBPA and NASBA requirements for the issuance of CPE credits.  The VP Membership also oversees the Reservations Coordinator and Jobs Coordinator.  Contact membership@isaca-northtexas​.org.
Appointed Positions
Treasury Coordinator Assists the Treasurer by assembling volunteers to staff the registration table at chapter events, collecting fees at events, and depositing the event's receipts in the Chapter's bank account. Contact
Programs Coordinator (2) Assists the VP of Programs by contacting and managing speakers for pre-meeting, post-meeting and luncheon events as required. They also assist with the publication and distribution of session materials. Contact
Director of Academic Relations Assists the VP of Education and serves as a liaison with the local colleges and universities to promote ISACA's Academic Advocate program. Makes recommendations regarding sponsorship of college activities and represents the Chapter on committees for joint events. This individual will coordinate the Chapter's assistance to Student Chapter members through their Academic Advisors. Contact
Certifications Coordinator Assists the VP of Certification and is responsible for obtaining instructors and making facility arrangements for the Chapter's semi-annual certification review courses. Responsible for recognition programs for those successfully completing certification. Contact
Assistant Certifications Coordinator Assists the Certifications Coordinator with logistical arrangements for semi-annual certification review courses, including fee collection, procurement of supplies and refreshments, and serving as a monitor at the training sessions. Contact
Reservations Coordinator Assists the VP of Membership and is responsible for setting-up events on the Chapter's website and monitoring electronic reservations for events. Also works with the Treasury Coordinator at Chapter events with the participant check-in procedures. Contact
Membership Coordinator Assists the VP of Membership by ensuring CPE forms are prepared for appropriate Chapter events and that necessary documentation is maintained for compliance with the Chapter's CPE registration requirements (TSBPA and NASBA). The Membership Coordinator will maintain the Chapter's records of event participants and CPE credits distributed throughout the year. Contact
Jobs Coordinator Assists the VP of Membership by maintaining job postings on the Chapter's website. This individual serves as the Chapter's contact for recruiters, employers, and members seeking job placement assistance. Contact
Hospitality Coordinator Assists the VP of Facilities with meeting arrangements and the procurement of door prizes. Serves as the leader of the Hospitality Committee and is responsible for obtaining volunteers to assist with distributing materials and assisting attendees at each chapter event. Contact
Webmaster Assists the VP of Communications, oversees the maintenance and operation of the Chapter's website, and coordinates with third party Internet service providers. Contact
Marketing Coordinator Assists the VP of Communications and is responsible for assessing third parties for eligibility of sponsorship by the Chapter. This position will serve as a liaison with third parties that request the Chapter's sponsorship or advertising of their events to the Chapter's membership by posting on the website calendar. Responsible for assisting with publicity for significant Chapter events and may be asked to interact with media contacts to obtain coverage of these events. Contact
Former Presidents The Chapter's former Presidents continue their service to the Chapter as advisors to the current President and other Board Members. They are available to organize events, chair special committees of the Board, or research responses to questions from the Board. These individuals monitor the Chapter's compliance efforts for TSBPA and NASBA requirements, and serve as liaisons with these certification boards. Finally, they serve on the Nominating Committee, along with the current President, to review candidates for Board vacancies and propose the recommended Slate of Candidates that is presented at the Chapter's Annual Meeting.
Academic Relations The Academic Relations Committee works with the Director of Academic Relations to provide educational materials and speakers to local colleges and universities. Members also work to support the development and operations of student chapters at local colleges and universities. Contact
Hospitality The Hospitality Committee works to provide the Chapter's members and guests a pleasant environment that is conducive to the objective of the event. Contact
Newsletter The Newsletter Committee works with the VP Communications in writing and publishing "The Password", the chapter's newsletter. Contact
Programs The Programs Committee works with the Programs Coordinators to aid the VP of Programs in choosing appropriate meeting topics, securing speakers, and assembling speaker materials. Contact



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